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"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way"
Napoleon Hill


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the Leading merchant exporters based in South India.

We are specialized in a wide range of product categories to cater the changing needs of customers, which includes frozen fish & meat, fresh vegetables & fruits, spices, ready to eat Indian food products, baby care, health & wellness products, apparel, footwear, etc. At Servyond, we are committed to bringing you the best available products, along with the highest standards of Quality at Optimum price. Servyond always strive to build lasting business partnerships with our clients by offering the best value proposition for the trade. Servyond offer excellent customized packaging options to our clients as per their choice and standards


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Servyond Group

Our Commitments

In business, as in life, seizing opportunity and practicing ethical responsibility should be inextricable. At Servyond Group, we put this ethos into practice every day. 

When we created our company, we did so with a clear-eyed sense of where we could make a positive change in the world. Building creative strategies to meet these challenges has not only shaped the way we operate, but also launched a financially successful model for others to follow.

We are aware of the importance of our activities as a driver of development and improvement in the quality of life of local communities. That is why we actively contribute to the preservation of the Environment and Natural Resources, as well as to Sustainable Societal Development.

Above all, as a company, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve and maintain high levels of individual and organizational performance. In doing so, each and every one of us at SERVYOND is committed to delivering high-quality services. We regularly evaluate our own actions and seek input from our clients as to how we are doing.

We stand by the value of our services and regularly elicit and act upon client feedback and performance data. We conduct ourselves in a manner that allows our clients to report delight with our services.


Our Philosophy

During the months in which we contemplated the creation of this company, we realized this was not just about launching a powerful, relevant and global business model; it was something more personal.


Having traveled this planet for so many times I observed early on that the power and potential of the emerging global economic machine was huge — and that it would change forever how commercial success is defined.


However, most vital is the profound importance of mastering the complex human dynamic that accompanies this opportunity. For, as the global business environment has evolved, we are now presented with a new opportunity: a passing moment in which to create a better quality of life for all the world’s citizens, a time for building bridges among cultures, sharing experiences, and combining strengths, so that we can move toward a lasting, more harmonious coexistence.


In this context I believe that SERVYOND must be built on the best of human qualities: those that attract the finest co-workers, build relationships of trust and respect in every culture, celebrate integrity over duplicity and cunning, and bring to our clients an extraordinary level of value and sustainable competitive advantage.


This is not only the core obligation of SERVYOND as a global citizen; I believe that it is the standard by which all business excellence should be measured.

Our Culture

You might see it first as a special light in a child’s eyes. A calm curiosity. Intelligence. Quiet passion.

We see it as potential. It begins at birth.

We are a talent-driven organization with a clear vision for our business. As such we strive to attract the individual who embodies the rare combination of integrity, intelligence and work ethic — guided by an extraordinary level of common sense.

These exceptional people can thrive in our culture. Our philosophy is that we must create the physical, emotional and intellectual environment that opens the doors of opportunity for all our people, at all levels.

Ultimately, our success is defined by the extent to which individuals can experience the highest level of personal fulfillment that enables them to achieve clarity of thinking and a singular focus on achieving the company vision.

It is at once this simple and that difficult. Our leadership mission is to enable excellence.


Our Portfolio

About Us

Who we are

Servyond was established to introduce excellent South Indian dishes to overseas customers, and has continued to grow over the past few years, leading the export of the South Indian food industry.

The founder of SERVYOND Group has the experience of more than 20 years in International Trading scenario. Servyond’s vision of “healthy food anywhere” contains the value of meeting customers around the world through Servyond’s differentiated services and products.

Based on our experience in the global market and an advanced corporate culture, all employees promise to provide better values. Furthermore, we will strive to become a reliable business partner through fair and transparent company culture. We look forward to your unchanging affection and generous support in the future.

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